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Que tal che?

Another positive week here in the TKM. We got to go mini golfing last week so that was cool. It was Sister Irion's birthday. (Her dad is Russell M Nelson of 12) We gotta eat cake twice and had good times together. The misson home is just the city over from us so we see them quite a bit.

Side note. I found out that Brother Ray. (Dr. Ray) is the reason i am in tennessee. He is in the same ward as our mission president and he is pro at the throat and all that stuff. So its his name that brought me here. I gotta thank him sometime. :) Well today he is taking our entire district to Brazerios. (Like Tucanos, but better so i hear) I gotta team up with the doc when was on an exchange in farragut last week.

Our main investigators, Deah & Rodger (+ Dreamah), and David Key are doing just dandy. Diedre (deah), rodger and dreamah all came to church. They seem to do okay in it. Dreamah absolutely loves primary. She ran into her class seconds after sacrament meeting had ended. I got called on last second to teach the lesson in sunday school. The meeting was pretty good. She (Deah) made a few comments and both seemed to have a good time. Although they are not use to the 3 hour block yet so they left asap.

David Key should be coming to church next week. We taught him the plan of salvation and he really likes it. The thought of raising his kid (died in first hours) and being with him in heaven was really cool. He had questions of where we came from, our purpose and where we go after so the lesson was a hoster for him.

The reason that i had to teach the sunday school lesson last minute is because lately we have been doing a lot (thanks again dianne) of work with the less actives, especially the spanish people. We had a few come (not as many as hoped for) so the original teacher and my companion took the spanish class this week. Speaking of spanish. My companion and I have decided to speak only spanish (well 95%) spanish to eachother this transfer. Its actually not that bad, and when you get in the "zone" it makes it that much easier to teach in spanish. Todo esta bien aqui.

Since we have been here 12 weeks the branch is really starting to get to like us (especially cause we had a bap) we have a meal appointment every week. Thats a huge blessing.
Random other thing but every week we do Habitat for Humanity. The service there is pretty fun. Normally we just do easy labor and a little hammer and nails. Last week we got to go up in the attic and work with a bunch off cool toys. We had to wear a full suit thingy to protect us. It was pretty hot up there. All the wood had rotted (if thats a word) We got to replace lots and had to james bond it up so we didnt fall through the ceiling. (this house is 70 years old) I will upload picures in a bit when we get to a members house. The library wont let you hook up anything.

Thats about all for this week. Tune in next time as the aAadventures of Elder TOOOO-ME return.

jaja. A member, Johnny Howard is going to buy me a cake. He says he'll go to the grocery store, food city, and tell them he wants a cake. When they ask what to write on it he'll say "happy birthday to me" haha i wanna see their face. I bet its not to often you write that on a cake.

Also pss. I have started memorizing scriptures (first time since mtc) Due to another elder who had memorized 100 in just 5 months. I have been doing it for now and it is really cool. I use many of the ones i memorized in our lesson yesterday and its cool. Everyone here in the bible belt thinks i know the bible good because i can quote a few verses. I know the Book of Mormon so much better but i am learning them both, and utilizing them big time.

Paz y amor
Elder Toomey.

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