Monday, October 22, 2012



So of cource time is flying, not just looking back. Daily, weekly, and in a whole. The work is going really good. We have about 14 different people/families that we are teaching right now. The ward can see that our work is paying off. They all like us. and really even though this branch is real small. 50ish people, they are all the kind a people you want to be around. They are feeding us dinner daily, thats a big plus! Helps a little with our budget. We have had three birthday parties this month and my companions is next week. Also a fall festival which was real good. We had a few less actives come and also Deah and her daughter dreamah. and a man named frank with his two kids. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun eventhough it got dark early and the party was only an hour and a half long. It was still good to chill just for a bit and talk...

Cole Hall is a friend of the ramsey family, i think i have mentioned him before. He is ready to be baptized any time. Just one think is we need permission from his parents and they are not home. We will try them later tonight maybe... ya prob. Cole almost always come to church. Also Deah's roomate Rodger. He seemed to enjoy church more than ever yesterday, event though all the lessons were about the word of wisdom which is the one think that he has been struggling with.

One spanish less active we were able to bring back to church, she has come 4 times since i've been here. But she left right before sacrament ended. Her son is a lil noisy. We are killing it on the spanish work right now. We got three spanish families, two single men and two less active. So our spanish is in full force. And the branch missionaries, especially brother roman are teaming up with us so we are not alone. its so sweet.

We get out just a couple times a week to team up with a member of the branch. hopefully more sooner. Also since my companion, still elder harwood, is the district leader i get to go on exchanges every 10 or so days. I learn a lot and get to teach everyone how its done. three or so weeks ago i went with Elder (justin) Warhurst. He is a pro missionary. They just strarted picking up in the work, anyhow he works really hard and has memorized a scripture everyday his entire mission. i picked that up after our exchange and now i got over a hundred. i guess i have too much spare time.

Nothing too big to write about this week. still great adventures all around.

Much love til later.
Elder Toomey

I had a Lucid Dream on thursday. That was cool. only my second of my life, that i can remember. I just flew around the house, although i had to flap my arms... hmm :) PAZ&AMOR

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