Monday, July 30, 2012


Saludos de Tennessee!

Hola amigos, como estan. todo esta bien aqui. mi companero y yo andar bien. hoy ejerciermos con un miembo se llama johnny. el tiene 62 anos, pero puede trabajar muy duro. estaba divertido. ejercemos tres dias por semana. estoy animado porque vamos a jugar a balencesto despues de la biblioteca. encestare ochena puntas. jaja. pues no pueden entender castellano. voy a terminar en ingles.

Its been a great week. The Work is going wonderful. We do so much study and so much work. Its exhausting. I like trackting although its hard for the first couple houses. Once you find someone that has interest you get a little more faith and you really get in a groove. My favorite people to talk to when trackting is spanish people. Yesterday we were biking on this walking path to talk with a member, who missed church, and i talked to 4/5 spanish families and gave them pass along cards for the free Christ video. The seemed to understand me fine. I still cant spit out sentence after sentence but its getting there.

We also teach a lesson in spanish a day normally. Right now we have two spanish investigators one Jose and another Talia. Also a meeting with another on Thursday. So we will see how it goes. I need to pop the bubble and talk to everyone but slowly its comming. I guess i just have an attachment to English, its so easy to walk up to someone and speak spanish.

My companion (been out 14 months) says i understand the people better than he does. jaja. neither of us get everything but the point gets understood. The last lesson we taught was really good in unity. Twice they asked us to repeat what we said maybe twice. But they seemed to like just talking to someone that knew their language.

Time really has been flying. The hard work has been paying off. There isnt much time for trackting because we have so many investigators. Which is nice, unless they fall through, or you get two of them mixed up, long story. 

Our branch had a fellowship picnic. There was a bunch of free food and stuff, a lot of fun. We invited maybe 15/20 people to go and half seemed to really like free food, but only one showed up. Its David (sab4) He has really progressed. Yesterday he went the entire day without a cigarette. The first time in over 30 years. He says buy next weekend he will be done. I hope. He is such a great guy and his testimony, although small is strong.
I've learned so much and have so many more experiences ahead of my life. Back to work, but first imma ball.

Until next time,
Its Elder Toomey!

613 Reeves St apt #1
Lenoir City, TN 37771

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