Monday, February 24, 2014

in the groove

Moving kinda sucks. we helped one family move. (they had most packed) for 12 hours on Saturday. There were a lot of boxes. We filled up 2 36ft trucks. Nice and sore for the next day.

The investigators are doing terrific right now. We have 7 that are way close to baptism and 6 more that only need to go to church twice. (which is really a difficult thing here in the south, no lie) so really the 7 should get wet pretty soon.

We have had investigators at church for the last 4 weeks. which has not happened since I was being trained.

Elder Langsmith (from alabamer) is pretty awesome. We are treating him good (see below for pic, last post) I hope we are starting him off okay.

im teaching everyone the rubix cube (3 elders) they seem to enjoy it. I pretty much quit other thatn to teach people. it takes up too much time (

Southern it up: "we are on a huge heel" (hill)
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Picture #2 - Knoxville

Picture #2 - Knoxville

The District Picture: Elder Milstead, Elder Spencer, Sister Irion, President Irion, Elder Me, Elder Koelliker, Sister Spencer (visa,) Sister Weight, Sister Burningham, Sister Wynn, Sister Leabing.

Picture #1 - East Knoxville

Our first sunday with the Greenie. (in the middle) Elder Langsmith. He is from Woodsville Alabama. 2 hours from my last area dalton. 18 year old kid. Pretty funny. has a good desire and we should be able to get a lot done with him.

Monday, February 3, 2014


McDonalds here has a fire place. thats good because its cold. real cold. Snow Storm #Leon went by next week. It was bad snow and very icy. We had to push the car up a couple hills. :) all was good until the end of the day and then we went to our parking lot and the brakes didnt work so we crashed into a ditch. not much damage, just a cracked bumper.

We got to have a meeting (all mission leaders ie rs/e/bish) with elder L.Tom Perry of the 12 apostles. that was pretty cool. Lots of members were saying how thats the 3rd apostle in their life. its the 10th of my mission. i guess ive been blesseed.

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