Monday, February 24, 2014

in the groove

Moving kinda sucks. we helped one family move. (they had most packed) for 12 hours on Saturday. There were a lot of boxes. We filled up 2 36ft trucks. Nice and sore for the next day.

The investigators are doing terrific right now. We have 7 that are way close to baptism and 6 more that only need to go to church twice. (which is really a difficult thing here in the south, no lie) so really the 7 should get wet pretty soon.

We have had investigators at church for the last 4 weeks. which has not happened since I was being trained.

Elder Langsmith (from alabamer) is pretty awesome. We are treating him good (see below for pic, last post) I hope we are starting him off okay.

im teaching everyone the rubix cube (3 elders) they seem to enjoy it. I pretty much quit other thatn to teach people. it takes up too much time (

Southern it up: "we are on a huge heel" (hill)
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