Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 104-18=??

we went to the methodist church for a christmas eve service it was fun. good singing. the communion was different we got a piece of bread torn off and dipped it in grape juice. c:

Transfers are on wednesday. i am getting elder garcia. (born in honduras, from utah) (pic below)

If you have heard of the movie rocket boys (october sky) it was filmed 2 blocks from our church.

I can almost play a hymn with both hands. i am right hand and one finger on left hand.

While singing a hymn at church i read (Frost-y lights) but said "frost and lights" because y means and in spanish. auto translate. duh.

Baptist church sign "Lets meet at my house before the game -God" Jajaja.

we cereal it up here.

Southern frases...

"she is going to give you a blow when she gets you..." translation. "She will honk when she gets here"

Random fact. According to a girl named georgia (age 16) im color coordinated. who knew.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Pictures #2

Sister Burningham (centerville, ut) Sister Whitehead (provo, ut) Me Elder Burnett (Pocatello Idaho)

Some Guy from Duck Dynasty. its HUGE in the south. 
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Christmas Pictures #1

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Monday, December 23, 2013

mtc district. makes me smile!

Good Pre-Christmas week in Knoxville.

Feliz Navidad a todos.

I filled up a mayo bottle with vanilla yogurt and the entire zone is talking about how i eat mayo plain now. a bunch of members have heard the gossip also. c:

Luis Gonzales (in dalton) got baptized on saturday. then he called me up to tell me the good news. says he might come down here to knoxville sometime.

The Nuclear Bomb was made in Oak Ridge just a few miles away. Can you believe a munch of red necks invented that!

I found a error in "el libro de mormon" hopefully i can report it to the church and they can fix it. looked in the books from ten years back and they have the same error....

We got to do service at the corryton food pantry. it was real fun. we gave away a couple thousand pounds of food. 1000+ stuffed animals and toys. plus socks, coats and toiletries. Helped over 700 people. 
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Luis G. & The Fishers - PICS

Luis Gonzales (Dalton, GA) He will be getting baptized at the end of the month. (they delayed it for an rm that is coming back)The Fisher Family (got baptized in Loudon) lives here in Knoxville with me!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fwd: pic

Elder Koelliker and I. Yes he is taller than me. (Elder G.Smith in the background)