Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 104-18=??

we went to the methodist church for a christmas eve service it was fun. good singing. the communion was different we got a piece of bread torn off and dipped it in grape juice. c:

Transfers are on wednesday. i am getting elder garcia. (born in honduras, from utah) (pic below)

If you have heard of the movie rocket boys (october sky) it was filmed 2 blocks from our church.

I can almost play a hymn with both hands. i am right hand and one finger on left hand.

While singing a hymn at church i read (Frost-y lights) but said "frost and lights" because y means and in spanish. auto translate. duh.

Baptist church sign "Lets meet at my house before the game -God" Jajaja.

we cereal it up here.

Southern frases...

"she is going to give you a blow when she gets you..." translation. "She will honk when she gets here"

Random fact. According to a girl named georgia (age 16) im color coordinated. who knew.

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