Thursday, January 2, 2014

new comp from... American Fork (Elder Spencer)

My new companion is elder spencer. he also went to afhs. didnt know him. have a couple mutual acquaintances... He is an english speaker. so i doubt i will be with him for the last 3 transfers but who knows.

We are getting L. Tom Perry (Age 91) to visit our mission. I spread rumors that his name is larry. and lots belive me (real name is Lowell)

Luis Gonzales (got baptized a couple weeks ago) drove up the missionaries from dalton georgia. we got a picture together. they say he is the most active member there and likely to be the new bishop :) jaja. (sweet color changing tie courtesy of richard orcutt #Mynameisdicko)
Elder Kamoe (from hawaii) went home today. he is likely to be a mission president or something important. amazing missionary. helped me a lot. I got to meet him one day again. he says i can sleep on his couch when i go to visit.. !

they put cool scripture stuff on the candy canes here...
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