Monday, October 29, 2012

Vocal Point comes to Tennesee

Who would a thunk that vocal point would pick Loudon Tennessee out of everywhere in the worlds. I am guessing that one of them served a mission out here. Thats pretty cool. I got pumped when i saw this sign that said "Vocal Point OCT 27" I was pretty pumped... I just got their new CD. "Lead Thou Me On - Hymns" Its bomb. The best song is probably "Near my God to thee" You should defiantly check it out. Its at Deseret book. The only thing was i saw the sign on October 28th. Thats the other part of town where we dont go much. haha. so yup vocal point came. but we couldnt go. maybe we can get in contact and they can perform for us. unlikely. but hey still good mood food here.

This week we have been still with the same investigators. One we taught Kelly and Nghia (from vientnam)... He is very intulectual. Wants everything to be proven. Does not believe there is a God. Although has some belief about a supreme creater. He came to church but that was a hoot. He has no sence of faith or hope. There are a lot of good questions from him. The cool thing is they didnt believe about jesus christ but thats why the book of mormon is so important.

Scriptures are still going good. We are continuing to do good work..

Also we are having a double baptism in two weeks. WOOOO that will be awesome. Cole Hall. Yeah!

Rodger also came to church. He will likely be baptized but he is on parole so it will take a couple months. He should not have a problem quitting smoking.
David key also still has a date for three weeks.

All is well in tennesee. (except their football team)
I heard byu is also terrible.
and the lakers are going to be stupid.
but lets go.

Will write more in a sec. including a small lesson i learned being away from the mom.

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