Monday, October 15, 2012

Time be flying. We be working

Howdy Y'all

Another fine week here in tennesee. Much thanks for all the birthday wishes, including those on facebook which i do not see. I got a book in the mail from my dad, called 'The Continuous atonement'... Its really good. I read the entire book in 24 hours. dang. That surprises me. Im not much of a reader but i guess this book does a good job of understanding the atonement and his healing process and such. (see online at Mom also sent me some cool stuff :)

So a few weeks ago we gave brother delori a blessing. He went to the doctor also, but didnt take his medicine because he had already been feeling better. Now three weeks later he is better than ever. He had asthma for twenty years and had to take an inhaler. Thats cool to see that faith and a good blessing through the power of God really works.

As i had reported last week (sorry this book will be really jumply, like always) I just started memorizing bible scriptures. I am currently at 70... and counting. Its been really usefull in our lessons. now if i just got to start working on a few in the book of mormon.

We are still teaching David Key, and his roomate Dwyane. It turns out that Dwyane really wants to quit smoking also. They are helping eachother out so that should go good. David smokes occasionally but Dwyane makes him go in the bathroom dwayne. They, nor any of our investigators, showed up for church. But next week i will have a different story to tell.

Lastly at church yesterday Lisa Fisher (the mother of the family we just baptized) shared her testimony in sacrament. Its was real cool. Mentioned how president pulver's spirit was real sweet and thats what made the difference for her. I guess my companion and i might of done a little but really so many things aligned for all of us. We are blessed. I imagine he (lisa's wife lance) will be a stake president some day. (our stake president here is a convert...)

Before i leave i promised to share with you my favorite conference tals (i got my notes not)
We got 139 temples. dang. and 27 under construction. 166!!!

Dieter F Uchdorf (sat morning)
We are all mortal. Spend time with people you love. Dont waste time on the internet. being busy is not an accomplishment. Find your unknown, unimanged talents, let yourself be happy. Avoid the regrets for tomorrow but following christ today. Do, be, become better. Begin to walk today.

M. Russell Ballard (sun aft)
A bee makes 1/12 of teaspoon of honey. work is lighter when we all work together. Have coopertive energy. Service is the definition of pure religion. (james 1:24) Be anxiously engaged in a good cause. Daily practice for everyone. During your morning prayer ask for oppertunity to serve. When you see one. Jump up and do it. Prayers often get answered through other people.

Robert C. Gay (watch at
My favorite... What shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Would you sell your soul for a nickle? Dont justify sin. Will we shrik or finish the call. Its more than just not doing bad. (to him that knoweth to do good, and does it not. To him it is sin james 2:24 i thinks?) God is mindful of each of us. Follow the spirit no matter what the time.

Dallin H. Oaks. - also find online for yourself.
Protect the well being of a child. CHild a buse in worst form... Deny them birth. 40,000 abortions a year. (matt 18:16 it were better drown in depth of sea then offend little child) Teach by example. 41% of birthds are to single moms. (your not alone) Be a Role model to your children

Anthony Perkins (priestood)
6 steps to deep conversion.
1 pray alwasy. (never stand taller than when your kneeling)
2 study scriptures
3 participate in ordinations (be a worth priestood holder)
4 show genuine love
5 pay your tithing (duh)
6 fully live law of chastity.

Dieter F Uchtorf
Its easy to find somethign to complain about. Priestood cant be baught. Spiritual power is a heavenly law. Everyone wh is thirsty can come and drink (isiah)

Henry B Eiring (Sun Morning)
God is nto far from us. he is aware fo us. dont put a pavilian between you and god. Have a desire to know, and do his will. dont insist on oru timetable. he has the best wasys. (my thoughts are not your thoughts isiah 55:8-9)

Jeffery R. Holland.
DO you love me. Strong talks. take a look for yourselves.

Thats all i got time for. wooo wee this is a long letter. Thanks everyoen much love. Bye.
Elder Toomey

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