Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Veinte Uno!!!

Holy cow. That was a great conference ay! Starting out with the announcement by President Monson about the change of missionary work. I can wait to hear all of the people that will come out and do this great work. If Jordon decides to go on a mission I will still have a couple months with him before he gets shipped out. Also If y'all see Halofome, Roman and the rest of the young men, tell them that i dont want to see their face for 3 1/2 years! I also hope that more sisters will be able to serve. Its a great thing here the lord designed for us.

There were also many other talks which i enjoyed. My favorites (i will write more next week, i forgot my notes) Elder Walter F. González talk on "What shall a man give in exchange for his soul" Matt 16:26 (i am still memorizing scriptures, as of now im only doing bible scriptures, I am at 31 now) - He spoke about a youth experience about getting a 12 year old movie ticket at age 13 and bragged to his father. Of cource that did not workout so much.

I also love the one Saturday night (possibly by Dalin H. Oaks) about children. The one think that really stuck out to me was "The worst form of child abuse is to deny the child to be born" Listen or watch online. Also the talk by Elder Holland on sunday "Do You Love Me?" and the talk by elder Uchtdorf..

We actually watched the last session in spanish. :) The only one who came to the church was a less active spanish man. I didnt understand elder scott's talk about family history work but the rest i got 95% That was pretty amazing.

This week... hmm. We are still teaching Deah and Rodger. They are both so cool. Rodger is a little more wanting to push forward, they have made so many changes to bring them closer to the gospel. They didnt go to conference but we watched the joseph smith movie with them and saw the sacrifice that was made in the early day of the church.

David Key, we have been teaching him for about three weeks. He went to priestood session, had to take a couple smoke breaks but he really love the talks. He enjoyed hearing a living prophet and his apostales. Right before president monson he was out on a smoke break and his wife called (She left three months ago and he didnt expect that she would ever call him back) He talked to her and his daughter but had to let them go so he could listen to the prophet. The next day brother Jim Elkins went to his appartment, david couldnt go but he asked elkins to pray for him. They ended up saying a kneeling prayer and the second they said amen the phone rang again. He was jumping for joy so high.

Today we taught him (tuesday, the library was closed yesterday due to columbas day) We covered the priestood, which he wants so much, he know what we teach is true and he wants to make god happy. We also got to the word of wisdom and although it will be hard to stop smoking he knows that god will push him through. We are aiming for a date in about a month.

Now to the wozer thing. On saturday we were told by brother deloire that he had a friend who he wanted us to teach and to meet at the church monday at 7pm. We rearanged our plans to make room for it. We were going to go out to eat with Johnny Howard but it ended up that Gary Smith was in the hopital so we went and gave him a blessing. Then Johnny dropped us off at the church. We met Bro Delorie and his friend a 15 year old boy and headed to the relief society room to start the lesson. I took one step in as a large SURPRISE came with the light flickered on i saw 20 or so of the people of this great branch. It was so cool. We had a party with Carrot cake that said Happy Birthday To Me (not sure why i told that to johnny last week) and spagetti and all this other stuff. I sure didnt expect that to happen and it brought a big smile to my face. (PIctures will come soon)

My time is up. Much love to all.

Elder Toomey

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