Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten is a 10

G'day people of Utah (and afar)

What a beautiful day we have today, no importa what day today is. We can make the most of every day. Well i am doing dandy right now. Tennessee is a ten right now. We are working real hard and having lots of fun. We got to go on three exchanges in the past ten days. I went to Knoxville with Elder Shoemaker and everyone is crazy about U.T. football down there. Its a pretty big city and that is where they have dollywood. (id say between size of provo and slc.) I also had Elder Warhurst come down. We worked out with Johnny and he did us hard. We were both hurting for the next 24 hours. He hadnt done anything for over a year so he was a lil sore. Finally i went with Elder Michael Snow to farragut. Thats a higher class part of town. He is from Pleasant grove, yes a bout 3 miles away. (just off artic circle) and he actually worked at walmart when i worked at subway inside walmart. We never met, maybe seen each other but thats pretty cool.

Lets see, we moved the smith family (larc) It took 8 hours. Which is pretty good for moving. It was cool. We ate pizza and got chatting with the neighbor. Hopefully we could teach him sometime soon.

Amazing lesson learned while moving the smith family. I thought that i was showing real love and doing good service with them. Until the appartment we were moving into was the one we helped an investigator move out of last week. I told Sister Smith i would had helped him move faster had i known it was her who was moving in. It really caught me after i said that. If i was helping them both as i would want others to help me i would had helped move both of them in and out faster. Charity is just what we need and thankfully i got a step closer to having it after this experience.

Deah and Rodger are still doing good. Rodger is gonna continue to go to church and he really likes it now. Everyone is nice to him. The whole branch loves us also. We got meal signed up twice the first three weeks of the month and the next three are full. (a. a new relief society president (sis wick) and b. we just had a baptism) so thats all cool. Its been a pretty quick week with not too much big things. But i got pics again so enjoy them (see below http://bit.ly/elder2me )

Although I have only been out here for 10 weeks we have done so much work. The fishers are continuing to do great work; feeding us, as well as other branch members, and teaming up with us. They are hoping we can come over and teach their neighbor. Lance taught them the plan of salvation a few days ago. Last weeks baptisim was so amazing. I cant be content. I need to keep working and find more peace seekers ready for the peace of christ.  (see John 14:27)

Cool music by Alex Boye: Its a remix of "Have i Done any good in the world today" This helps me on those days...

Much Love,

Elder Toomey

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