Monday, September 17, 2012

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Good day to all; and what a good day it is!

This week has been great. We have been working really hard. Two hours after i emailed last week we received an text from Lance Dale Fisher, "Hey guys. We are ready to be baptised!" WOooooooo whooooooooooo as johnny would say. We were jumping with joy when we recieved that text. The entire week we were working on the plans and all that. We went over on thursday to teach the last lesson and go over everything with jacob. He knew it was true and will do good work soon. He has read the book of mormon. "its scriptures in a sence" haha. His dad said that when he was younger jacob wanted to join the military and lance said no your joining god's army. He wasnt so into that idea. Then a few days later he talked with president pulver and next time we saw him he was talking about how he was saving up ten grand so he could go on a mission!!! how cool is that. Jacob is legit.

The baptism was Sunday night at 6pm (9/16/12) Lance was baptized by president pulver then after the comfirmation and priesthood ordinance he got to baptize his wife, lisa, and jacob. When Lance came out he said "hallelua, Praise God" Soo sweet. The spirit was extremely strong. Especially as the 70 (yes seventy people came to the baptism) were singing hymns. It was louder than back home so that was peaceful. After Lance baptized his wife. He had to do it twice because he held her hand out of the water. We showed a few mormon messages ( they show alot of good things and talks but sinked down to 3 or 4 minutes. One good one about one boy who opened his mouth and his friend joined, who brought a friend and so on. They had 1 man then now they have 36. Wow. We are all missionaries and its good work.

My companion Elder Harwood comfirmed Lisa. Then i did Jacob. I went in with my mind completely blank. It was a good blessing i hope, i only remember saying he will be an instrument. Then lance gave jacob the priesthood and all was well.
Only been out here 70 days and we have been so blessed with this fisher family. The zone leaders said they will put in a word so harwood and i can stay here a little longer. I wouldnt mind that. The branch is good and our sucess is just getting started. If that happened i would be in loudon, Tn for 24 weeks of the 92. Im happy wherever i go.

As far as our other investagator, Deah, her daughter Dreama and the roomate Rodger are great. Some days are up and down but they also came to church and are continuing to read and pray daily. Deah is on page 240 after only having the Book of Mormon 17ish days. Nice job sister!

I am attatching pictures.
people in pictures are
Me: The cool guy.
My companion: Elder Harwood from Mesa.
Brother Qualls: works at cannery, first to make contact with fishers.
The Fisher Family. Lance Dale Fisher, Lisa Michelle Anderson-Fisher and (15) Jacob Craig Anderson.

Much love to all.

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