Monday, September 10, 2012

May is quick.

Buenos dias hermanos!

first a joke.

There is a Latin man at the store and he asking for some "calcetines" (spanish for socks) the clerk holds up different items but cant figure out what calcetines means. finally he holds up a pair of socks. The man jumps up with joy and says "Eso Si que es" (that, yes, thats it!) in which the clerk replies "you could of told me you could spell"

haha. good one i thought. Also the missionaries here say "lechuga orar" which means "lettuce pray" haha :)

Now with the real stuff.

This week has been a little slow. The fisher family is still doing strong, altough they missed church. I know they are going to be baptized real soon. That will be packed to because they are more active than most members of the ward. They go to church, ward activities and service projects. Their son, and his friend are going rafting with the ym this weekend.

David Key, zulie's friend, isnt really to into the gospel. We had brother roman, a spanish fellow from DR pick him up but no one was home. We helped david move and are real nice to him but its hard to see progression in that area.

Speaking of Hermano Roman he has been a real good help with the spanish. We have been finding spanish people at doors but no really good return appointments. Although we teach maybe three lessons a week in spanish between larcs and investigators.

The entire branch is really supportive, we dont get dinner every night like other areas but we get a lot of help on team ups. Last week we had 10 teamups. The support in this small group of followers is amazing, unfortunately most of our lesson fell through this week so the numbers were not that good.

And while im on the subject of bad news one of our top investigators Deah was really up and down this week. She was so happy saying this was the first time she felt joy in 5 years and was working hard on the word of wisdom. She gave up coffee in a day and smoking was coming. then everything fell through and she said that mormonism was not for her and she like having "fun". Many other walls were put up due to the big changes in her life. She said that the only reason we were allowed in was because she had a crushon my companion. But of course that isnt the case. She was working so hard. She read over 200 pages in 10 days. Went to church with strangers and her prays are so good. Not to mention the dream she had talking to God about this church and how she was going to recieve many blessings including a "calling" (didnt know what that ment) and that a man would come into her life. So i dont know where we will go from her but yup.

A pretty down week but that the best part of the mission. We got another week that starts today and we are going to make the most of it.

Elder Toomey.

PS. Take a look at 1 Corinthiens chapter 13. Its a real clicker.

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