Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 17 in the mish.

Bullet points for those who dont like to read.
- Tennessee is doing good.
- Crazy Rain.
- 10 Lessons with a member present (double the norm)
- 7 investigators at church.
- 4 will be baptized this month (fingers crossed)
- We knocked into a naked man.
- We are taking 1 Investigator to teach another.

Hello to y'all's smiling faces.

The mission is going great here in Tennessee. We are working really hard; actually its not bad. But its turning into good thing. There is a good talk by elder bednar, given at byui, called "character of christ". You should google it. (your gonna have to read it, no video/audio) but its cool. Cool meaning really uplifting and insightful.

So yea, we were blessed enough to ride our bikes twice this week. That went well. Its great to be a lil billboard for the church. Especially with how good romney is doing. There is a lot of attention around mormons.So the lady we met last week, Diedre (dia) cooxey, 27, she is reading an hour a day. after less than a week she was on page 160. dang girl. She knew we were sent by god and has really been chaning her life around. She turned down her old boyfriend and felt really about not giving in to the temptaion. She was doing everything she should and it was so happy. She went to church with a neighbor and it was all good. Testimony meeting, usually crazy here. (zulie and steve) but it was spirituall and all that good stuff. Then in sunday school the teacher decided to go ham about the word of wisdom, tithing, chastity and food storage and it overwellmed her, we hadnt taught the word of wisdom yet. so ya she freaked out but our other investigator calmed her down and its cool. We are taking one investigator to teach the other. nice job i'd say.

Other note of interest. We were going around and one door we were gonna knock. Door was open with glass door there. and the man walked across the room butt naked, luckly he didnt see him. We just waited a few minutes and ended up sharing a message with him for an hour. jaja.

Lance and Lisa are doing pro.Lance has always wanted to be baptized and now lisa is just about on the same boat. she was the one fellowshipping. They seem like lifelong members at church, fit in real good and can comment for everything.

Its been almost two years since they have had a baptism in this branch so everyone is really happy that the work is going great. We will just take it a step at a time and befor ya know it...

Thats pretty much it for this week but check in again.

Paz fuera.
Elder Toomey.

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