Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pday #2 been here 8 days!

Hola Amigos!

1. i found out ryan had his baby three days after he actually did. (they dont do postal on sunday)

2. Jeremy Evans won the dunk contest. thats cool.

3. back to real life.

We are all progressing rapidly here at the mtc. although it is hard because the elders who had no prior spanish background are flustaraded because it is hard to keep up. our teacher (who is only with us 2/3 hours a day) speak 98% spanish. We have a practice investigator that we teach the lessons to. The first two lesson we taught 66% by reading pmg and our notes and 33% by our own spanish. then the teacher showed us a paragraph in pmg that said you have to teach by the spirit no by memorized citation. so yesterday we taught carlos about the plan of salvation using only our book of mormon and our bible. IN SPANISH. it was tough. i had a couple scriptures bookmarked but i forgot to underline a verse so i had to try to expalin that his dad had the oppertunity to learn about the gospel in heaven and could be baptised so that they could live together in heaven.
When teaching the plan i could tell him the bottom is for people who sin. the middle for those who dont sin but dont have the gospel of jesus crist. and the top is for those who get remission of their sins and accept the word of christ. but it was hard for him to understand so i related it to food. i said when your hungry you will be happy to eat lettuce. that is the bottom kingdom. next was french fries. thats good food but there is something better. The celestial kingdom was related to a choclate muffin (forgot doughnut) and everyone want chocolate; of the four companionships in our distrect if feel we have dont the best in our discussions.

On tuesday we had our first MTC devotional. Elder Jeffery R. Holland spoke to us. He alwasys has a really powerful message for us and knows that the church is true. he talked about how we (missionaries) are the most prayed for people in the WORLD! and that we need to do everything we ask our investigors to do. dont be happy when your mission is over and you can go back to "real life" continue to be an example for the deacons. we want them to say i wanna be like him.

my time is up ont he computer so i have to end.

Much love to all.
Elder Toomey
Mission Argentina, Cordoba!!

i dont know who comments on this blog / my feed so tell me my @mentions.

Stay ahold the rod.

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  1. I'm glad you got to hear from Elder Holland, you are very lucky. He has had some EPIC speachs, I will send you some when I get the chance, as I loved to read them. My favorite was called the Inconvenient Messiah.

    Glad to hear your Spanish is coming. You should challenge Carlos to be Baptized!!!