Saturday, February 25, 2012


(cont) Hola my family and friends

So i have arrived at the MTC to train for the people in Cordoba, Argentina. My district has 8 people in it and we are all really close. We eat together and study very hard. My companions name is Elder Sutherland. He is from Idaho, but he was born in Switzerland. We get along very well.

One of the rules is to wake up at 6:30. I suggested we all wake up at 6 to get a head start on the day. We all have a small background on spanish so we need the extra time to be ready for the field. After waking up and showering we go straight to the classroom around 630 and prepare for our practice investigator named carlos. after and hour of that we take a half an hour break for breakfast. Alot of the people i know said they didnt enjoy the mtc food but so far i have no problem with it. We taught ourselves how to pray in spanish and do so like ten times a day. we can also greet people at the door "were missionaries of the (lds) church"

The first thing you do when you arrive at the mtc after dropping the books off at your residence is walk into a classroom. The teacher does not speak english so it is hard for the two guys in our group with no background. We learn alot everyday about spanish and pmg. it is very hard. 85% of the day is done by yourself or with your companion. our group does alot of stuff together so we can teach eachother words & phrases. We are able to make several jokes to eachother in spanish especially in the classroom.
when we teach carlos we can only talk in spanish, he doesnt understand anything we say in english. sometimes this is hard but we rephrase most of it so we can tell him. first we taught him about how we are sons of god and he loves us and cares about the things we want important or not. on monday we are going to transiton from the spirit we get during prayer to the joseph smith story.

I dont have much time left but life is good and i am working hard

mountains of love,
Elder Toomey

p.s. i met my cousin Jay Toomey here we are in the same zone. he is heading to washington for a month before mexico. cool stuff. everyone loves jay so they already know im a cool guy. the guys who have been here a long time are nice.

p.s.s. what does 'follow the white rabbit' mean. not chruch related....

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  1. That's sweet bro!
    It sounds like they have you speaking Spanish already! As for me, I loved the MTC. It's just that after 12 weeks you start to get sick of it.

    So is your Preparation Day on Saturday?
    That's weird!

    Anyways, Follow the white rabbit has a variety of pop culture references.

    In the beginning of the first Matrix, Neo gets a message from an unknown person to "follow the white rabbit" if he wants to learn secrets. Right after he gets the message, people show up at his door inviting him to a party, one of the girls has a white rabbit tattoo. He takes that to be the sign, and goes to the party where he meets trinity.

    A White Rabbit is also a symbol for resurrection, and has been used different times that way as well.

    Finally, the most obvious reference is to that of Alice in Wonderland, in which Alice chases a white rabbit until she ends up in wonderland. If I remember right, I think it was a metaphor for drugs. lol.

    Anyways, a piece of advice to you would be to print any of the emails you get. You will not have time to read all the crap people send you, so if you print it you can read it another time.
    Saved you time, and gives you more email time.