Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crazy week 4

A lot of fun stuff happened this week in the Provo MTC.

On thursday in Jimnasio i was playing volleyball and i jumped up to block the ball. The other missionary on my team also jumped up with me and in result we blocked the ball and got the point, even though we dont keep score... meanwhile i landed on his foot with both of my feet and broke his toe. he had to leave the mtc and go to insticare in orem. his companion said that was only like 3 blocks from his house... worry not the doctor said he didnt break it. just smashed really hard. he used crutches for a day and hes back to normal now. We also play basketball in gym alot. Its fun there are some dudes that played for their highschool but i can compete with them. Last week i hit three game winning shots in a row. its nice to get away from studing the gospel and the language...

Ive been learning spanish like a mad man. I only took one semester of spanish compared to 4 other people that took 3/4 years but i (think) am better than them. In 17 days here i can say 95% of anything i want. I have the first three lessons pretty much down. The two practice investigators we hare were difficult but we earned their trust and are really amigable to them so it all worked out. theyll commit to baptisim soon.

We had another really good talk this wee about Working Hard, Loving Your Investigator and Giving 110%. We've been told that a billion times here so i kinda zoned out during the devotional (my culpa) but after we had a district meeting and the 1st counciler in our zone talked to us. The thing i got most out of the meeting was what his wife said "Thats gonna be my Dad!" i want to have cocky kids when i get married. I hope they brag to jesus and the others in heaven before comming here on how lucky they are to have me as their dad. It motivates me to keep working hard when i get overwhelmed and want to sit in the "comoto sillas" or couches...

Every week we look forward to Wednesday. A the new missionaries and B its ice cream day! We watch through the windows as they come in flocks hugging their families for the last time and guessing if they'll look back. Then you get to say "Bienvidedos" to them and freek them out because they have no idea whats going on. At night everyone runs into their room and hugs them which is inconvienant because they can not get unpacked due to the fact that so many people are trying to talk to them. As well as the new missionaries its Dia De Helado!!!!! We get icecream from byu creamery and its all you can eat so i ate ten bowls of icecream haha. it was fun and everyone freaked out but thats my family we eat a gallon a day :).
Yo quiro computir mi testimonio con usted.
Yo se nosotros somos hijos de Dios y el es nuestro padre celestial.
Yo se esta Iglesia es el solomente iglesia en la tierra que es verdadero.
Jesucristo suffio para nosotros. parque de esto. Podemos volver a vivir con nuesto familias siempre. Por medio de la expacion podemos hacer limpiar de
nuestro pecados. Nosotros no nececitamos tener culpa parque de la expacion. Podemos orar a superar las temptasion de pecado. Yo se mi abuela veer su esposo ultra ves y puedo vivir con mi familia por simpre. yo tengo amor por ustedes. en el nombre de jesucristo amen.


Gracias. Elder DJ Toomey
Cordoba Argentina

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