Thursday, March 22, 2012

One month down!

Hola Familia Oltra Vez!

Its been a month now since i have been at the MTC! Time flies, and all the days are mixed together. Espanol is coming along good. it seems like ive learned so much but there is so much that i dont know. The conjagations are really hard, but it seems convienant in the end. its pretty much they dont ever use "you, he, she, they, we, i" and that kinda stuff. im starting to get the first three of 14 but others have 7 down. its all cool. my vocab outhustles theirs i just say stuff wrong like when i talk about jose smith i say he talk with god and god told him none of the churches were true. so Joseph traslating the book of mormon. you get the jist of it and soon enough i will be able to say it right.

The average missionary at the MTC gets to hear .9 of an apostale. We heard Elder Holland the first week and on tuesday we heard Elder Dallin H Oaks. He has a cool background as to how he became an apostale. He's been a member of the 12 since '84. He talked about how much we need the spirit. There is a verse in D&C 85:17ish that says if ye have not the spirit, DONT teach. Thats how important it is to pray and have a good friendship with all around us.

There is really not much to write about so sorry. Every week we do a service assignment and the people tell us about the outside world. I heard byu mad the biggest comeback in ncaa history then lost to marquette. that a plus. And the Jazz finally got it together beating okc and la in la. 8th now in the w.

Kylie sent pictures of the baby and he is sweet. El eres un capo de molleta. it will be cool to see him in two year as he tries to learn a language as i. (Stud Muffin)

Hmmm. so in gym yesterday i hit 3 game winning shots and 4 3's in a row the last game. all over the most dominate player in our zone. mamba-ish.

Tambien! ive been reading the story of ammon and king lamoni in my libro de mormon. its alma capitulo 17-21ish. its cool beans. i can read 8 or nine versus in a row its nice. although most of the time i read a verse and have no idea whats going on. but the story is cool he teaches king lamoni like how preach my gospel manuel teaches. And with his fe so many people are baptized. also another cool jiffy in that passage is that the queen has a vision after she falls down in belief about jesus and says he will be born of a woman and will be the redeemer of us. This story is 100 years before Jesucristo was born.

anyways peace be unto you and may you have "Gozo en su Alma Hoy!"

Elder Toomey!

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