Thursday, March 8, 2012

Barely been here, yet i know so much.

Howdy Amigos!

So i've been here two weeks now. its finally hitting me that this isnt just another summer camp; its a two year experience. We "baptized" our first golden investigator so now we get two at once. the first one dozes off during our message but the other (ada) seems to trust us alot. We connect with her and her kids a lot. I can pretty much work my way around teaching all the lessons in spanish but i dont understand everything they say in response. We learn so much everyday but somehow i keep it in my mind. Most night i cant sleep for a few minutes due to the fact that i have spanish running through my mind, although i havent dreamed yet so im not there yet.

Our zone president says we are one of the best districts in a while. we get room and classroom checks every week and we always get an A+ grade. we do everything together. so many good times ive had with these new guys. Does anyone know Cade Wilkes? he lives in alpine. haha he added me on facebook and i checked him out but didnt think i knew him so i just let it be. now were close buds.

not sure what to write about life isnt to exciting. ummm. so all my changos at jcws know how i laugh "ja ja ja" and so this kid was like, (i mean elder) was like you really think that is how they are going to laugh like when you get down to Argentina?

also for my changos there is an elder named Talon Wetten from the middle of no where New Mexico that is Jables long lost brother. he is the dp so thats weird to think about but he is really nice and has cool stories.

Ryan emailed me the pictures of his baby. (i tried to email one to fb/tw) he is so cute. it made me smile. maybe i can print one off.

I posted a scripture on my fb that is Job 22:12 or something about the Resurrection but i dont know the exact verse so can someone hit me up with that. also mom could you email me my talk?

much love DJ

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