Thursday, April 5, 2012

Semana siete or such.

Que Pasa!! familia, cumpas, amigos, y changos!!

This week flew by. all of them are starting to. We have learned alot and practiced alot. i finally kinda get how to conjigate stuff in past and future and conditional all that other nonsence. I feel really confident when we are teaching and the random members that come once a week tell me im doing good. There are a couple that only speek spanish. Its so cool that i can actually comminucate with them. Tengo gozo en mi alma. "sunshine (joy) in my soul"

Did Y'all listen to conference? it was nice. alot of stuff about families which is weird because the prophet doesnt assign topics just who speaks and it all flows really well together. My favorites were Elder Packer. He said it is our duty to raise a family for good. That the most imporant calling in the church is a parent. Thats pretty cool because i know people that care to have a big name calling but they do a good job raising their family as i see it so there doing their job. That one couple that couldnt have kids but wanted to and he said that so cool because its our duty and those who dont have kids arnt following god. In heaven only he had the chance to be a father. now we get that chance to teach our own children. Later on they said the most imporant thing you can teach your kids to do is to pray. Savannah got taught that and its cool cause i always saw her say prayers alone...

Another cool talk is last year we watched a video by elder bednar. when he was a missionary he gave prez packer 20 marks (german money) for food on the night bus. the bus got stopped at the border and the police wouldnt let his wife across but he slipped the 20 in the expired passport (extended 3 to 5 years but east germany didnt take it) and the marshall took the money and somehow let them go. he later found out that normally the police take the people to prison or such. so the spirt told bednar to give 20 marks for food but really it was to save packer's wife. folllow the spirit and you'll be good.

one cool scritpute is D&c 42:14ish Eh aqui eh se dara el espiritu por la oracion de fe, y si no reciebes el espiritu, no ensenaries" which means such as ask for the spirit with a pray of faith and if you dont recieve the sprit ye shall not teach. cause we suck at spanish so in argentina its gonna be the sprit that converts people.

Speaking of argentina. we meet with the councilit (head visa boss for argentina) on monday and thursday. then usally 3 weeks later you get your visa but some people its taken 6+ weeks. so there is a possibility to get reassigned state side or such. i think it be col if we got a second mission call for a couple weeks.

No mas tiempo.
Mucho amor y paz para ustedes.

Elder Donald El-don "the gift" Toomey Jr

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