Thursday, April 12, 2012

Semana ocho! ay corumba!

I only have eleven days at the mtc??? what! i just got here. time is just flying by. The teachers here are so good and you feel the sprit real good. its nice.(nafe voice) You learn more here than all the time at church because your paying attention. If yall see Brother/Sister Bowen tell them thanks because i would of been so much further behind with out them. also Brother Alder. He has a very strong spirit and was a good Mission prep coach.

We are finishing up our investigators. we have five different people throughout the week that we teach. ive got all the lessons down i belive? but i dont know because the zone president said that only three people from the last 3 years could teach every lesson by themself in spanish. i got alot of vocab and know more spaish scriptures than english. my scriptures are marked efficiantly so i can pull out a scripture about a certain topic in seconds.

im not really sure what to say so umm. yup send me jokes, lyrics or other nonsence. we cant sing hymns in our bedrooms only in class. so lyrics would be good
whats the joke "yes very very fresh"? maybe a riddle? i dont know im bored. ryan sent me two songs so that was helpful cause i could sing in the shower and such. jaja. fun times.

We met with the argentina concel today. we leave in 11 days but we will likely get reassigned to usa for two weeks or just stay in the mtc. i hope i get a "2nd" mission call for a week or two like my cousin jay who went to washington before mexico.
Le Amo,
Elder Donald Eldon (the gift) Toomey

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