Thursday, April 19, 2012

4-ish more days in Sprit Prison (MTC)

Hola Familia!!!

They threw me through the ceiling. jaja. its a square white thingy ceiling and my shoulders went through. lo fue comica. I have the best district ever. We get along real nice. and have plans to frio after our mish.

The lastest new on my life is VISA. We are suppost to leave on monday to argentina. (a 20+ hour travel day) but because we dont have visas we can either stay here for a couple weeks or get shipped out to stateside. Last night i had a dream i got shipped out to West Virginia (shoutout to J-Riddle) (did kyler messanger get his call?) but we wont find out until friday. Others that dont have their visas are headed to conneticut. I dont know. anywhere right now is good. i feel ready to go out and mess up spanish. My spaish is bueno. i feel like i can talk about anything with the vocab i have. i dont know all the words but i can find my way around. i can teach any lesson in spanish and have a few scriptures to share and a couple memorized. two or three for each of the first four lessonsish.

My companion does not life fun. We are opposite of eachother. i am a extreamist and he is dull. its a good medium.
My companions of our room are E. Whetten and E.Draper. Whetten looks like the devil, he's from NM but a pretty chill dude. acton (orem) is crazy like me.

I gave a talk in sacrament last week. it was about faith in jesus christ. I owned. and talked about the relation between the 2k strippling warriors and us. We both have to preapare early in the morning. Have very long days. Have difficult work, in a land we are unfamilliar with. We do things we have never done before. The have hard battles, they get scrapped up, but in the end God does not let a single one fall. They doubt not. Ive never talked to a girl. ive never talked to a stranger about chruch. ive never had a full on conversation in spanish. Now i have to go out and do all three with out fear. with out doubt. without limits. Romans 8:31 If God is for us, who can be against?

Be of happiness.

Elder Toomey.

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