Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 3 in Argentina.... pause NOT!

So we were suppose to leave on monday for argentina but the visas did not come/ and we aint find out until friday night. so now we are getting reassigned tomorrow (26/4/12) We have a big white board filled with guesses to which state we are all going to. i even heard some are headed to chile because supposedly you dont need a visa to be there. who knows. Since we didnt leave we still had class but our teacher thought we left or somethin so for the last two days we didnt have a teacher... jajaja.  ahhhhh. :)

Other exciting stuff here in the MTC. Clark House left to Japan. He will do well. We talked much and my entire district made friends with him. Which reminds me i have to find out how Jay is doing.
On Sunday we did the Cereal Tower Challenge. Its a huge tower of cereal in the lunch room. we chose Froot Loops. We ate over 100 bowls all together. I had like 22ish. it hurt so bad. Our mouths were all cut up because of the froot loops and they started to bleed. ja. but we finished the tower with only 6 1/2 people. it was nice. i say six and a half because one member of our district ate two plates of normal food first than a couple bowls. and my companion hates fun (ask anyone) so he didnt join in) we are quite opposite. i am over crazy and he is "guys thats not funny, we should eat dinner in ten minutes to get 30 extra minutes of study time" kind of person. But we learn alot from eachother and our hears are loosly knit together (mosiah 4:18ish)

AND Yesterday.... We got to hear from our FIFTH (5) Apostle. Elder Nelson. He did a very sweet talk. but i find it interesting how simple this gospel really is. like how jesus taught. real simple. Which goes to what Bishop Riggs use to say to me how the mission would be a "vacation" because we only have to work 14 hour days. and before i worked 90 a week sometimes and up to 19 straight. im never tired at night but it takes alot of energy to continue to study the scriptures and this language thingy. spanish is hard. i finally can talk in past future conditional and all the other conjigations so once i learn a few more words ill be a native. also practice practice practice because then we can talk faster with out having to think and translate into spanish. it will come. were working hard. stay up to date.

Love all yall

Elder Toomey

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