Monday, March 25, 2013

This week.

Word of the week. Sup
Sentence. "You gotta sup it up"
Definition. After eating a bowl of taco salad; you throw in a handful of cheese to "Sup" up the remaining crumbs and juice

Today was a nice week. Time is still flying by. especially as i study. I just started the book of mormon again, but this time i am doing it with the student manual. ( its a real good help and you get a lot of insite and stuff. i would recommend it.

This letter will be random points and interesting things that i did during the week.

I made Elder Wollums a ute wallet. its pretty cool. i could pic later.
I was on an exchange with wollymamoth and we went trackting for like 5 hours. not to many good investigators right now.
Trackting is fun. sometimes people say "i no speak english" and we get to bust out our spanish and suprise them. We have been able to do a couple more lessons in spanish this week. i feel way comfortable with spanish. Reading and speaking and most understanding. While on our 5 hours i had to teach a spanish lesson alone because it was an exchange and he is an english missionary. good learning experience.

We visited the ramirez family and i got to give their aunt a blessing in spanish. I think it went pretty good except i blessed her with comfortable (comodo) not comfort (consuelo) oh well, god knows what i ment.

I also got to give a blessing to Rebecca Ann Hamilton we have been visiting her for months. (only really taught twice) just occasional hello's. Now the sisters are teaching her because she is single, So anyhow i got to give here a blessing....
When Elder Oaks was here he said about revelation, be prepared to say something you have never thought of before,
so when i gave the blessing i just kept my mind clear and would take my time and stuff popped in my mind. it was kinda like a patriartical blessing, i told her something about her during the pre-existence and how she can be a light to the people here, and more good stuff. It was a grand experience.

I have been cursed. Twice i have purchased peanut better on my mission and both times a member gives us a jar with in 18 hours. AHHHH. its alright. extra peanut butter isnt bad.

Also another story. I got tested. well i passed. This family is moving so after sacrament they put out a huge box of books. you got to rush over to get anything good. Some random lady came in to sacrament, (obviously not a member) and i had to (sadly) contemplate if i could talk to her or get the book. I was looking for the Miracle of forgiveness. Which is like 20$ on ebay so thats a worthy cause, not really. but after fighting it out in my mind i decited that i was going to go talk to her after sacrament, and then she left. So i guess i got a good enough faze in the work.

Last a story.

Man is living in idaho.
God comes to him and says to push this bolder on top of a hill.
He say he will do so.
Day 1 pushed, it doest move.
day 2 same thing, he gets angry its not moving.
3,4,5, 6 nothing. He keeps pushing but he cant get it to move, its a heavy bolder.
He finally yells. God i give up. I cant move this bolder.
God says look what you have become. Look how strong you are.
But i couldnt move the bolder.
I only asked you to push it.

Count your blessing.
Elder Toomey.

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