Monday, March 18, 2013

Elder Busch

Good Day to all.

I am still resinding in morristown. this last week was pretty good. Lots of lessons this week. Not sure if thats is a better or worse thing. Elder Busch and I are doing a nice lil new concept. When tracking at a door we dont try to share a lesson right away. We offer to have a prayer with them to leave the saviors' peace and blessing & leave the spirit in their home. Its helps strain out the wheat. Then we go back within the next two days and they remember the spirit they felt during the pray and want more. People are a lot more receptive after they have earned your trust (and know your now jehova witness) No one like them here...

But then again, no one like mormon missionaries. We have one guy were teaching. The first time we introduced ourselves as missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS. He was pretty chill with us. we had a prayer and got to talk a little. The next visit he mentioned how he had just moved from florida and there are a ton of mormon missionaries. He said he will talk to anyone but them. jaja (we havent said anything yet). That was kinda funny, especially because we were just talking about how that happens a lot during lunch.

Another cool story is of aman whom we had a prayer with two days prior, we passed by his house to give greeting and check in. He was a little busy buying a gun from someone off craigslist. The reason. His best from from school, a man he had served with on three tours, had been robbed and murdered, he showed us the newspaper article, over three hundred dollars. Thats pretty sucky. (yes thats not a word) Were gonna go back to his house sometime this next week. So we'll se whats happening.

As far as Elder Busch. He is from Sacramento California. So he had a different life back in the day. He is likely the most normal companion i have had yet. His teaching method is unique but we seem to do good together. We have seen so much success in the area now.

I may have mentioned Charles (Melvin) Scruggs. He is a cool lil fellow. He is pressing along good and has read 1 Nephi 1-7. His moms dying wish was that he gets baptised, but he is having a little troubles with his girlfriend.

Lots of new investigators this week so i should have a fun filled letter. and more pictures next week. stay tuned.

Much love to all

Elder Toomey.
"the toominator"

My name has become a verb. When we play basketball and i beat people they say "you got toominated"

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