Monday, March 4, 2013

Notes from when Elder Dallin H. Oaks came to visit us

Teach by the spirit or "ye shall not teach"
Spirit can come in the form of "pure intelligence" as we qualify for it
In a Blessing you may have a "restraining revelation" about things NOT to say
"The Lord usually doesn't give revelation when we are sitting in the shade waiting to find out where to go." Be diligent and be worthy to receive it.
"Be prepared to say something you hadn't previously thought of."
We each have different spiritual gifts / we need to magnify those we have been blessed with.
Prophets – Testify of Christ. Both men and women may be prophets as we teach and testify of Christ.
Scriptures are a personal Urim and Thumimm / Prayer before study helps our understanding & revelation received.
We are more likely to get revelation when we are humble.
Revelation comes when we are "in harmony" with the word of the Lord.
To help members have "real intent" we need to introduce them to the principle of commitment (action) and follow-up faithfully.
We need to be "every missionary a member" and always partake of the sacrament worthily after repenting of our transgressions.

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