Monday, January 14, 2013

Some girl tried to KISS me.

Howdy to all. How has you been. This week was pretty good. We got our picture back that we took with Elder Russell M Nelson, so thats pretty cool. We had a big zone meeting with 13 sets of missionaries and we got to learn a lot more churchy stuff. They had a clean car contest and my companion and i won. :) So we got a gift card to walmart. Then later we had a clean appartment contest and i was one of 3 winners. yup...  Also i was the only one that knew the number to the refferal center. I looked at the paper a couple hours ago for like 1/2 a second and my photographic memory kicked in. :) smiles. 

My knee has been killing me for the last three weeks. I couldn't walk up/down stairs without using the hand rail and it hurt to walk down hill. i guess im just getting old. I bought a knee brace at walmart and that made it a little better. its alright. I cant play basketball or stuff like that. 

That is until last thursday when another missionary saw my knee brace and told me to put vaseline on it.??? I tried it and its miracle cream! Any joint in my body was made better. My elbow that would pop 100 times a day pops twice now. Its "Very Nice" (nafe voice).

Stories.... Well this week we were trying to contact an investigator but he wasnt home so we walked a block down to some family we talked to once and they let us in. We talked for a while and then he turned on Joel Olsteen. He gave a good talk about trusting in the lord. Then they said because we went to their "church" they promised to come to our church. (they made this promise two months ago but then said they were busy for the holidays. So i am looking forward to next sunday. It will be the first time that we got an investigator at church in this area. (exlcuding marvin the first week who we thought was a member)

Now the moment you have been waiting for. The time this chick tried to kiss me. We were at dinner at a members' house and after dinner the 6 year old daughter gave her mom and dad a kiss before she went to bed and after she walked to me and tried to give me a smoosh. but i denied her. so yup. 

Thats it for the week. We are still doing great and all yup.

Love Elder Toomey.

ps. cool dream another elder had:

He went to some country singers house for dinner (he was teaching her parents) and all these country people came over for dinner and stuff and so he got to meet all of them. Then Taylor Swift came in and they talked for a while. And She tried to seduce him!. He took his plaque and was about to throw it to the ground (as in to surrender to the tempation) but he was strong and so he slapped her and ran off. Then He magically appeared in the mission presidents office and he said "this has been a simulation. You passed the test." and he woke up. haha. 

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