Monday, January 21, 2013

"Come unToomey" the Savior said...

Come unToomey all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.
- Matthew 11:28

Heyyyy. This week has been pretty cool. We got to teach lots of different people, One less active who just moved here is getting married next month. We were talking to her about if there was anything we could do to help her out and she. Mentioned that she needed someone to perform the ceremony.... And since we can do that she wants me to marry them!!! That's gonna be cool. She also said that she will come to church in the coming weeks, but she just got over breast cancer so we are waiting for. The implant to come in. Her husband is not a member so maybe we will get to teach him and all will be good. We will get a baptism here soon.

The other family that we are focusing on is Chris and tessie. We Found them oym-ing. They had been taught by missionaries just over a year ago but had never read or attended church. They were the ones that watched Joel olsteen with us and promised us (twice) that they would pro to church.... But of course they did not show up yesterday... Hum. 

My companion and I are doing pretty good, although he is the type of guy that gained privileges by going on a mission. For instance... I have watched more pg-13 movies in Spanish than he has in English. He never drank pop before coming out here... And when he would go trick or treating as a youngin he used the candy he got to fill up the bowl for his family. We find out crazy things about his family every day...

It snowed!!!! (sorry this letter is jumpy I forgot my planner so I am Just lifting of things by memmory. Also I am typing on an iPad because all the libraries are closed due to mlk day today. We made a ill snow man (pictures coming in the next email.

So I made a duct tape wallet cause I lost Mine. It's not bad (pics later) but umma make a new one, I figured out a new technique to make 3d pictures with the duct tape.

My dad said on skype that I should try blue bell ice cream and its way good. I got the banana one so if your ever in ten get some. (Check Walgreens its cheaper)

I started to retread the Book of Mormon. I'm only to Josiah but I have found so many things I don't remember reading that have helped me with my knowledge and efforts towards this work.

Be a good boy,
Elder Toomey

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