Monday, January 28, 2013

a short timeline of the week

Hello everyone.

Another good week

Just going to throw in the highlights of this week.

Its cold here. Real cold. So cold the cows are putting their heads in the hay to stay warm. 
Not only that. The economy is terrible. and Gas is so high! Men are running their tank down and having to walk to the station to fill up a Gatorade bottle.
--- please note --- this week we saw two gas stations just blocks away. one was at $3.59 the other was 3.19 so watch and buy cheap ---- 
and worst of all. no one can understand our Spanish. We can ask them what church they go to and in we reply we may say... oh the apostate church.

That's just a glimpse of the cool things that i get to enjoy here. 

We have been able to give so many blessing in this last week (probably 4 or 5) One lady had a stroke at church and fell over. Now okay. So overall its been a fun week.

We had a Three-Way this week also. It was really good. I guess its originated from Cincinnati Ohio. So maybe my father had one on his mission. Its some fancy chili (that includes cinnamon) on spaghetti with cheese.
Another random note is that the sacrament bread is homemade here. And its kinda sweet, which is different. but its still bread so yup.

Keep up with the veggies. haha. well ya. the pistachio ice cream isnt so hot. i say keep with the banana.

thats all she wrote.

Love Elder Toomey

"Of all the titles of respect and honor and aspiration that are given to deity, he has asked us to address him as Father." Quorum of the 12

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