Monday, August 20, 2012

We having more fun than you can imagine

Greeting from the state of the 1994 National Champions. TENNESSEE!

There are a lot of vol fans around here. They are almost as good as byu fans. Many flags out side homes most cars have a T on their car. They have a lil rivalry here. The mixture of Kentucky. (they say Can-Tuck-E) fans makes it a lil fun. Dont know much about whats going on, or if sports are even being played. I think College Ball starts in a couple months...

The Days here are actually pretty nice (not just saying that jaja) The weather is not to bad and i dont mind the humidity anymore... It still suck to ride bikes but i can suck it out.

We were trackting a few weeks ago and found a lady who just moved in and was looking for a church. Really nice. We tried coming back several times. She seems interested but her husband got upset, Just saying its not a good time, maybe he'll soften up. He has told us twice to come over on a certain day and then ended up not being there. (figures).

The main man when i got here David (may have mentioned this last letter) is doing terrible. He has been smoking a pack+ a day, we got him from 5 packs to 1 cig. We have not been teaching him for two weeks now. We just gotta be his friend and it will all work out.

The branch president (60 people in this branch) is a way nice dude. He is pretty young. Maybe 30. He has us over for dinner, we usually go out to eat, once a week. Its real cool. Tennessee is still america but ive tried out some new things. I went to cracker barrel for the first time. (3x now) its pretty good. Kinda weird that i never been cause tyler works there. but ey. Also i went to Texas roadhouse. Never been there before and heard it was way expensive. It wasnt bad. we went before five so they had good specials. The food (we all got chicken?) was way good.. hmmm. also i tried shrimp. Just taste like seafood food. Ya know. Not to bad.

The best people ever (yet) in ten are The Fisher Family. Lance and Llisa are way nice (see past letters) He has come so far. He bore his testimony in sunday school and its comming along good. He knows more than i do in a lot of fields. He can memorize scriptures like crazy. (well he was a preacher for 8 years) but he knows that god has been walking him up the latter. Leading him to the truth.

Its cool i never knew how much our church knows. The simple truths have been unseen from others. They are so happy (everyone) when they find out what we really have and who we really are.

Friday we ran into a man, John Burleson. He is 88 (in two weeks) and his wife just died after 65 years of marriage. He doesnt know that he can see her again. We talked to him real long time. He is lonely. Wife passed in july. We get along good. Hopefully we can show him and excite him.

A man in the branch brother Luis Roman, 70 has been a member for a year and now he is so happy. He is learning quick. He helps us out every once in a while with the spanish. its going good. hopefully we continue to work hard. (lady we taught tuesday said we speak like children, word by word, were getting better). Joe Carr also has been learning the bom with us.

Three days a week we work out with Johnny Howard. (you dont care the names but i might want them for future reference) He is 68. He got divorced years ago but still has a good life. Member for 4/5 years. He has been working out all his life. At one point he could bench 450+ lbs. Dang. Still he is almost 70 and he lifts 200 now. I remember working out at AF with Nafe and Cody (shout out to them in canada and Virginia) and i could barley do 80. (jaja) they got me good, and grew me into the man i am today. Johnny has been pushing us just as hard, well harder. His workouts are tough. We have only benched twice but saturday i benched 160 and it was pretty easy; well not easy but i didnt struggle. so thats nice. I have strech marks on my biceps. jaja. chiste. Hopefully the working out is what cause me to gain 20lbs here and not all my eating.

With love equal to timon and pumba, i bid adeu.

Elder Toomey.

P.S. i realized yesterday the people here still speak with a terrible accent. I can just understand it now. hahaaaa. bye now

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