Monday, August 6, 2012

hace frio!

hollar from tenn. This week has been looong. Not to many exciting things have happened around here. Its been pretty slow.
Last Pday we played basketball at this park. It was so hot. The 1on1 game to 5 took half an hour. haha. Originally we had planned for David (our Investigator) to get baptized saturday but he keeps relapsing on smoking. He said he was down to 1 ciggarett a day. We cleaned off his porch (covered with dirt & buds from last 5 years) It looks really nice. He is a cool dude but a little mixed up. He is so happy when we come over to chat with him. (a chatter box) there is never an awkward silence with him.

Lance (former pastor) is doing so well. He has real the entire standard works. He came to church last week so thats going good. I hope we can get him and his wife a baptism date when we see him next.
As far as the spanish. Its fine. We still get about finding 3 or so spanish people at the door and teach 5/6 entire lessons in spanish a week. Yesterday i taught Gospel Principals Class (sunday school) in spanish. It was pretty cool. An unactive lady we're trying to bring back to the church. (stay in church kids). So yea id say spanish is my favorite thing about the mission so far. Its quite cool to be able to communicate with people you thought were speaking gibberish just a few months ago.

im so tired every minute. Its exhausting. but the wrk must continue. Now with nothing more to say i will rant of in spanish.

ay caramba. los dias son grande. no me gusta andar a bicicleta, esta rompado, :(. pues siempre tengo sueno. Estamos trabajando muy duro pero hay mas cosas hacer. vamos a encontrar investigator nuevos, quizas 5 esta semana. supongo. no voy a jugar a balencesto porque. Tengo fiebre. no bueno. tengo que yacer y relajar mas. no mas energia. hasta la semana proxima. somos el de reys. eldereys. he of king. hijo de dios.

amor y paz.
Elder Toomey.

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