Monday, August 13, 2012

Its been a while

Hello to all friends and fam.

The mission life has been picking up here in the Tennessee. We are working hard and slowly they are coming into his hands; Riding bikes isnt much fun. The gears on my bike are a lil whacked but i survive. Yesterday we rode around for two hours to different houses whom we had appointments and blanked out. Its really frustrating how much we do and they seem to fall through a lot. (shout out to Dianne and here facebook pic its "a lot" not "alot" you never say "alittle", helped me) so yeah. Its going.

Its amazing to see how God places people in our hands at the right times. We tracked around a neighborhood and only three people answered in 25 houses. The last one being a 16 year old kid. He did not fully understand our church and after we answered a few questions He said he would check out the Book of Mormon (his aunt, a member, gave him) And we got another appointment. So couple days later we went back to these people. His mom answered the door and freaked out on us. Saying a lot of crap like Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet and the bible and book of mormon contradict eachother. So we talked to here for 10 minutes and she calmed down, and invited us to come back to teach her and her son. Said didnt know how much she could learn but her son could choose how he wanted. Hopefully that turns out good.

The best family we have ever is Lance and Llisa. They are so nice. He said on our appointment wednesday that he has received the revelation and that the church, book of Mormon and all is true. He wants to be baptised asap. Just one thing. He wants to go in with his family. Llisa has been raised differently, like she didnt feel comfortable siting in on the lessons, cuz she's a girl? But we are getting her. Them women are important. (1 cor 11:11) we aint nothin with out the great daughters of god, especially our mommas. They pretty cool most of the time.

The language has come along good. (Not so much Spanish but the Southern) They have a whole new vocabulary with Youins, Yall, ralph and more things. Its pretty different than Utah. One kid we were talking about said you have two choices after high school smoke pot or move out of Tennessee. Everyone smokes ciggys out here also. They one of a kind, really nice folks is what we got.

Well thats all from here. I will be writing some hand written letters so keep your eye out.

Hasta ver,

Elder Toomey
Obvio yo quiro cartas.

613 Reeves St - Apt 1
Lenior City, TN 37771 

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