Monday, July 22, 2013

The Catholic Church Adventure

To this choir... :)

All things are good here in Georgia.
I think that there are more Title Loan Places than Churches here.
Also its wicked humid here. I would compare to the feeling immediately
after spraying mosquito spray.
Elder Kamoe is from Hawaii. He says that Hawaiian Haystacks are NOT
from Hawaii. First time he had them was last transfer in NC.
a Tumi (pronounced Toomey) is a spanish sacrificial knife.
Funny story. at night i said "quien se toca" which means "whose turn
is it (to pray)" but it can be mistranslated very easily to mean "who
touches themselves" :)
There are 9 stakes in AF. 9 in PG.... and 11 in the entire state of TN.
Happy Pioneer Day (on wednesday!)

The most exciting thing we did this week was going to St. Joseph's
Catholic Church.
Los Caballeros de Colon
Everyone was very friendly to us and *20+% of the people greeted us.
We were the only white people. (it was a spanish mass) I was the only
person over 5'9"
As it begain there was a band. (2 guitars, and a pianist, 3 singers)
Everyone (we did also) stood up and would do things such as;
-Clap your hands
-Greet your neigbor and say "Jesus Lives"
-Smile at your neighbor
-Turn around twice
-Sit down and stand up
Then they would do a shout
Give me a -J-, Give me a -E-... What does that spell? "JESUS!!!" (also
Maria) (mary)
Then they did a train (congo line) where you hold the persons
hips/sholders and walk around.
We did not do this. stayed in our seat and clapped our hands to the band.
they had to;
-Turn around half way
-Tickle their nighbor
-"jump around like a little horse"
and some other stuff.
We didnt sit down for more than 10 seconds for the first 45 minutes...
Then some lady gave a 10 minute thought about a scripture. (dont remember which)
Then some priest asked who was here for first time... We were the only
two standing.
We came up front and introduced ourselves. then they had a line of
30ish people come up and greet us by name.
Lastly a catholic priest (who is a servent of god, everyone else is a
servent of a servent of god) gave a talk about the difference between
idolds and art/symbols. it turns out they dont worship idols. They
just have a bunch of art to remind them to be good christians. The
early chrisians survived on symbols, no scriptures for a long time. It
was a pretty good talk. informative. Felt the spirit. Emphasized on
how we should only worship god. (they pray to mary also but dont
"worship" her) Also joked about how he went to another church and
their band had a 75k budget so sorry for the lil member band they had.
Remember all this was in spanish so i was pretty happy. there was only
3 words that i had to write down because i didnt understand.

mormon church was also great. better. a convert of 2 months gave a
talk (16yo) and it was better than my farwell talk. Strong spirit on
hers (about obidience) and sister elizabeth's about temples.

Thats all i got.
Love and amor.
Elder Toomey

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