Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!!!!

nope. its not a big deal down here. but yup.

unorganized thought that wont mean much to you...

-My spanish is growing a lot here in Dalton, two reasons. everyone
speaks spanish. and Elder Chavida is a native. (from utah) so he
answers my questions. The dictionary has lots of false doctorine in
it. yup. "that doesnt work" he tells me a lot!
-I have learned why most spanish people dont like mexicans. haha
theyre real cool to me but the spanish isnt very good. they do a lot
of spanglish down here. "Carpeta" means carpet, "yarda" is yard and so
-Also they dont conjugate right. They use present tence for
everything. "lo compramos" can me "we bought it." "we are buying it"
and "we are going to buy it." real nice. yup.
-We get a lot of excuses from people why they dont want to talk to us.
most of the time (in tennessee not here) its "ive been saved" which
means they have said one prayer so they think that theyre going to
heaven guaranteed. even if they kill someone. but this week some dude
said "im in the Jehova Witness Protection Program" haha. didnt have
any interest but made for a good laugh.
-I remember in Mission prep sometimes they would have us teach it to
the teacher, to see what we understood. so this week i taught a bunch
of kids about the restoration and then had them teach it to me. it
worked out good and they understood. yup. thanks
-There are lots of beavers here in dalton. Also Lightning bugs and stuff.
-Sometimes we are persistant when we try to teach someone. Elder
Bennett had a strong feeling about this one house. We had knocked it
5+ times in the last two weeks and no answer. but we did it again
and.... yup got to teach them and they were really interested.
-I accidently said "plenitud of the gospel in a prayer" my companions
didnt notice... haha (plenitud = fulness)
-Did you know Alex Cooper's dad's name is Ether Moroni. (his grampa
was an apostle, in some breakoff sect)

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