Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Burn all the money.

Howdy to yall,... i think i say howdy a lot so maybe ill say whats cookin.

Morristown is doing great. My companion and I are getting along for the most part, only thing is he doesnt like waking up on time... So most days we dont have companionship study... And yesterday he didnt get up until about 11 so we didnt get to do much on p-day. Sometimes he is down, and other times he gets crazy and dives 100mph on the interstate. but all will work out. We still have a lot of cool people to teach.

Cool Stories from this week.

-We teaching a lesson and some dude had a seisure in the middle of the lesson. scary
-One guy we are teaching use to be a top 10 drug dealer in TN, until he had a family and changed his life around. He says he has sold every drug that you can think of, but now he is a good guy so thats cool.
-Another burn 45,000,000.00+ Dollars when he was a kid. Suck! thats crazy. It was Confeterit (southern) money so it was worthless in the 50's but now its worth face value. oh boy...

And that the jist of this week. fun stuff..

Also someone told me that the monster (energy drink) logo means 666 in hebrew.. never dranken it but if true thats interesting

Love, Elder Toomey

P.S. Tell my sister Stacie HAPPY BIRTHDAY, she is 5!

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