Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"I don't really know what i'm doing"

The Good News of the Week:
One of our investigators, named Alexis has committed to get baptized on the 12th of April. :)
I did the Rubix Cube with my eyes shut. (Under 6 minutes)
Im still healthy.
I seen pictures of the Payson Utah temple. it looks really cool and should be done soon. 
This week is General Conference.

(Picture: Enjoying P-Day at Waffle House)

The Bad News of the week:
Some dude came fast around a blind corner and nailed our car. So they took away my driving privileges because there has been 2 "accidents"
We are now biking for the remainer of my mission. (my comp does not have a licence or he'd drive)
When our third companion got transfered i also packed up my bike. (Tuesday night) the accident happened wednesday night. jaja. Best be unpacking that soon.

Funny News:
When the Office Elder came to our apartment on sunday to take the car away we had lost the keys so he couldnt take the car. jaja. so we got to keep the car for another day. but we legitly lost the keys and can not find them. theyre going to nail us for a new key unless we find it. we have looked everywhere!

Other news.
A 8yo boy got baptized in the ward. While they were re-painting the church and the baptismal font was covered in plastic and tape and filth. but we cleaned it off and got it filled in time.
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